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Bank of America to use LendingTree's Lend-X Technology

H&R Block Mortgage To Offer Customers LandSafe?s Real Estate Closing Services

LoanTrader Announces Full Integration with Calyx POINT Software in Preferred Partner Relationship

IMX Exchange Enhancements Feature Intelligent Product Discovery Tool

Calyx Software Releases
POINT(R) 3.7

11.13.00 Mortgage Broker / Originator Hub Reaches Membership Milestone

Countrywide Reports October Operations Data

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Last Updated Saturday, September 15, 2001, 09:30 PM
Mortgage News
Mortgage Technology News
Some offbeat homes are a bear to buy

It's hard to find comparable values when appraiser looks at cabin or silo December 10

David Myers:
Document-prep fee often unnecessary December 10

Avoiding a mortgage nightmare

MBA's list of the most common reasons that mortgage applications are turned down December 8

Countrywide refinance mortgage volume jumps in Nov

Refinance fundings totaled $1.6 bil, up from $948 mil for same period in 1999 December 8

30 Year Rate At Eighteen Month Low

Freddie Mac Mortgage Market Survey for week ending December 8 December 7

Jumbo Mortgages?
Not a Huge Problem

Why jumbo mortgages cost more than conforming December 7
(subscription required)

Refinance storm flag waves over US mortgage market

Mortgage apps shot up 52.9 percent in the week ended Dec 1, of which refis accounted for 30.1% of total apps December 6

Average Home Mortgage Rates

Average mortgage rates from December 6

Thrift Home Lending Picks Up, Data Shows

Data released by the Office of Thrift Supervision December 6

Fitch Rts Washington Mutual Bank's Mtge P-T Ctfs, Series 2000-WM2

Weighted avg original LTV 75.89% December 6

Mortgage Loan Applications Up In Latest MBA Weekly Survey

Survey for the week ended Dec 1 December 5

House OKs Affordable Housing Bill

Bill includes incentives to improve homeownership among American Indians and native Hawaiians, and reduces costs for seniors refinancing federally insured reverse mortgages December 5

H&R Block Mortgage Forms Alliance With Countrywide

Countrywide's correspondent division to purchase servicing-released prime loans closed by H&R Block Mtg December 4

CBOT approves new mortgage futures, options contracts

Contracts will track prices of 30 year mortgage-backed securities issued by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac December 4

It's IRS Against Homeowners In Mortgage Insurance Debate

NAR plans to consider pressing Congress or the IRS to settle the PMI deductibility question in a way that improves housing affordability December 2

CWMBS, Inc. $451.6MM Mortgage P-T Ctfs Series 2000-10 Rated by Fitch

Weighted average LTV's on 3 Countrywide reduced doc pools range from 70% to 86% December 1

U.S. mortgage debt weaker after Freddie Mac data

Players worried that recent dip in rates below 8% has accelerated refinancing activities & will fuel MBS prepayments December 1

CWMBS, Inc. $593.7MM Mtge P-T Ctfs Ser 2000-9 Rated By Fitch

Original weighted avg LTV on Countrywide reduced doc pool 76% November 30

Wells Fargo Asset Sec Corp Series 2000-13 Rated By Fitch

Rating reflects high quality of underlying collateral, integrity of legal & financial structures & servicing capabilities of WFHM November 30

CWMBS, Inc. $543.7MM Mtge P-T Ctfs Ser 2000-8 Rated By Fitch

Additional loans will be purchased between the closing date and 12/31 on Countrywide reduced doc pool November 30

Fed requests comment on proposed Regulation C revisions

Comment is requested by 3-9-01

Fed.US November 29

Wells Fargo Asset Sec Corp Series 2000-12 Rated By Fitch

Weighted avg FICO is 733 and original weighted avg LTV is 76% November 29

Fox administration hopes to revamp mortgage system

New Mexican President seeks to implement securitization and standardization in mortgage market November 19

Appraisers say they're pressured to support sale value

Appraisers nationwide are under increasing pressure by mortgage brokers/loan officers to "hit" value November 18

Foreclosures drop

Mortgage Information Corp report November 18

Golden West Financial Releases Thirteen Month Statistical Data

Data for the thirteen months ended October 31 November 17

Flipper testifies lenders taught him how to defraud

Illegal flipping transactions usually involve 2nd mortgages & lender sales reps who condone situation November 17

Mortgage Rates Edge Down

Freddie Mac survey for week ended November 17 November 16


Take time to study before undertaking a reverse mortgage November 16

Countrywide Releases Thirteen Month Statistical Data

Data for 13 months ended October 31 November 14

Mortgages remain
below 8%

Freddie Mac survey for week ended November 10 November 10

California Foreclosures Down

Result of a strong economy and rising home values per DataQuick report November 10

Area Buyers Allot More to Mortgages But Still Stay Out of Basement

Higher debt ratios are the norm with today's lenders November 8

Home Mortgage Rates

Average rates for sfr's in the 10 largest metro areas as of Nov. 8 as compiled by November 8

Countrywide Credit Oct. Mtge Fundings Rose 53% To $6.2B

Total fundings up from $3.1 bil October 99 and electronic-commerce fundings rose to $2.16 billion November 8

Mortgage Activity Settles, Climbing a Modest 1.3%, MBA Reports

Mortgage application activity index for week ending Nov 3 November 8

Private MI or FHA? Private MI is the Lowest-Cost Option for Home Buyers

MGIC press release compares ltv scenarios, but not credit between FHA and conventional November 7

Mortgage broker pleads guilty to federal flipping charges

Robin Lanahan faces imprisonment of between two-three years, $5k-$50k fine and restitution November 7

US mortgage mart focus on prepay data in election limbo

Major difference for Ginnie vs Fannie prepays was moderately seasoned Ginnie premiums showed speeds increased while Fannie's decreased November 7

Financial industry's privacy policies due

By July 1 financial businesses must disclose privacy policies regarding nonpublic personal data & give customers opportunity to opt out November 5

Mortgage Rates Up But Under 8 Pct.

Freddie Mac weekly survey November 2

U.S. mortgage executives favor Bush for president

Informal survey conducted over 4 day period at annual MBA convention November 2

CWMBS, Inc. $594.9MM Mortgage P-T Ctfs Ser 2000-6 Rtd By Fitch

Countrywide Home Loans Pool demonstrates a weighted average original loan-to-value ratio of 75.62% November 1

Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco Releases September 2000 Cost of Funds Index

COFI up slightly October 31

GMAC Residential Funding Introduces Home Solution 107 LTV Mortgage Product

Loan proceeds >100 % ltv can be used for closing costs, prepaid items & payoff of consumer credit October 29

Fitch Rates GMACM Mortgage Loan Trust Series 2000-J4

Pool has weighted average original loan-to-value ratio of 76.45% and approximately 51.15% possess FICO Scores greater than or equal to 720 October 27

Wells Fargo Asset Sec Corp Series 2000-11 Rated By Fitch

Weighted average FICO is 735 and weighted average original loan to value of the pool is approximately 68.18% October 27


Freddie Mac Economic Outlook October 25


Federal law requires financial services businesses to offer consumers opt-out option when sharing their information October 22

Golden West Financial Releases Thirteen Month Statistical Data

Parent of World Savings statistical data for the thirteen months ended September 30 October 20

Fixed Mortgage Rates Edge Down

Freddie Mac weekly survey for the week ending Oct. 20 October 19

FiNet Expands Loan Products to Higher Margin Mix

New products offer Company profit margin as much as 3-4 times greater than conventional loan products October 19

Seasonally adjusted U.S. mortgage activity up

MBA refinancing index October 18

FiNet to Double Lending Capacity

Lines are from RFC ($85 mil), Gateway Bank ($25 mil) & Fannie Mae As-Soon-As-Pooled ($15 mil) October 18

GM Subsidiary Enters Mexican Home-Lending Market

GMAC Financiera and GMAC Hipotecaria aim to develop home-mortgage portfolio targeted at medium to high-income borrowers October 18

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage's Third Quarter Performance

3rd quarter originations were $18 bil; servicing portfolio reached a record $427.6 billion October 17


Freddie Mac weekly survey October 15

Shared appreciation loans can lower interest rates

More than 1,000 mortgage companies are teaming up with Bear Stearns & Co to introduce the first nationwide "shared appreciation mortgage" (SAM) October 14

Countrywide Releases Thirteen Month Statistical Data

Operational and financial date for the 13 months ended September 30 October 13

Adjustable-rate loans out for now

Spread between fixed rates and ARM's not great enough to benefit from ARM programs October 13

Mortgage Rates Edge Up This Week

Freddie Mac survey for week ended October 13 October 12

Countrywide Reports September Operations Data

Operational data for the month ended September 30, 2000 October 10

Countrywide Credit Sept. Consol Mtge Fundings Rose 16%

September mortgage fundings rose to about $5.5 billion October 10

HUD hopes to see more homeowners by 2006

Goal of 70% homeownership rate by 2006 is unreachable, some observers believe October 8

Strong Interest In Biweekly Mortgages Despite Borrowers Losing Interest

Borrowers don't benefit from making 1st half of monthly payments early, which lenders hold onto until the single monthly payment is due October 8

Head of defunct mortgage company is guilty in scam to divert loans for personal use

David A. Kaiser misdirected more than $760,000 from Corporate Mortgage Services Inc October 7

OPINION- U.S. Mortgage and Economy by David Beadle

Basic guidelines for refinance and cash out mortgages October 6

Adjustable-rate loans move out of the picture for now

Spread between 1yr arm and 30 yr fixed 1.58% a year ago to 0.49% September 25

Mortgage Sites as rated by
Gomez Advisors, Inc.

Calyx Software Unveils POINT Lender Network

Internet-Enabled Screens Allow Fast, Detailed Broker2Lender Transactions December 5

LoanTrader Partners With The First American Corp

Web-Based Technology Solutions to Include Nationwide Title and Flood Determinations December 5

IndyMac Bank's No. 1 Mortgage Web Site Ranking Upheld by Gomez has been named #1 overall online mortgage site for 2nd consecutive quarter in Gomez's Internet Mortgage Scorecard December 5

Calyx(R) Software Wins Prestigious Mortgage Technology Award

Mortgage Technology Magazine gave "Synergy Award" Synergy Award based on unique approach to partnering with service providers

see the entire Mortgage-Technology
story in PDF version by clicking here December 5

E-mortgages haven't ignited yet; buyers still want personal touch

Experts say it will take years for online mortgages to become popular November 30

IndyMac Bank to Receive Mortgage Technology's 10X Award

Award is for the bank's cutting-edge Internet-based loan origination system November 27

LoansDirect Recognized as No. 1 in Customer Confidence by Gomez Advisors

Online Lender Rises to No. 2 in Overall Ranking November 20

Internet popular for mortgage shopping

A look at some major aspects of the mortgage industry November 19

LION Inc./ Announce Financial Results for Third Quarter

Net loss for the quarter was $359,804 November 16

Security problem reveals mortgage applications online

Contour Software caused > 700 Americans' loan apps to be available for viewing w/o password on Internet November 15

Contour Garners Top Market Share

Survey conducted by Wholesale Access November 13 Unveils eMortgage Center

Service enables broker's site to display selective live rates of Lion lenders November 7

Bankrate, Inc. Reports Online Revenue Increased by 59%

Finance news site had $2,940,000 loss for quarter ended September 30 November 7


LandSafe to integrate online order system for closing services November 6

ADFINET Launches Free Mortgage Guides Web Site

Centex Technology's site provides useful reference information for GSE's & government agencies November 6

Borrowers using Web to browse

Rates compared online, but deals made off-line November 5

Digital Notary

Company Offers Digital Notary Service November 3
(revised November 9) Forecloses On Itself

Company blamed the current hostile climate for Internet-based companies November 3

Mortgage Bids

Priceline Applies Auction Model To Mortgage Lending November 2

Fair Isaac Makes Reason Code Explanations Available to Consumers Enables Buyers To Better Understand How Their Credit Scores Are Calculated November 2

Freddie Mac, Industry Groups To Develop Open Guidelines For Electronic Mortgages

Preliminary specifications represent 1st detailed, operational blueprint for creation of electronic loan documentation systems November 1 venture to operate independently is partly owned by and located in same office building as November 1

Survival Of The Fittest For Online Mortgage Lenders? winding down online lending business November 1
(subscription required)

Line Between B2B and B2C E-Commerce in Mortgage Market Expected to Blur

Special report from Inside Mortgage Technology October 31

Eighteen Million New Consumers Seek Online Real Estate Services

Gomez and Inman News Features Release Key Findings of Upcoming Study October 30

Ellie Mae to Offer Online Employment and Salary Verification through The Work Number from TALX Corporation October 30

Myers Internet Services Now Offers Bilingual Web Sites

Originator site in Spanish October 30


In most states the deal isn't complete until the company mails some forms for you to sign and mail back October 29


Lack of secondary market experience has meant problems for some online companies October 29 Announces Strategic Alliance With

Real estate portal provides variety of services related to residential properties October 23

E-Lending Companies' Burn Rates Revealed

LendingTree Inc. has $24.5 million, which will last 6 months at its current burn rate;, with $14.72 million, can go 3.4 mths months more October 23

Basis100 Launches PASS-Port Service for Automated Home Portfolio Analysis values each property individually using three methodologies October 19

IDC Says Secondary Mortgage eMarketplaces will be Challenged to Provide Value-Added Services

Fierce competition brokerage firms & GSE's could limit opportunity for secondary mortgage emarketplaces October 18

Taking a lead on mortgage decisions

Women most often research offerings online, while men choose October 18

LendingTree Announces Third Quarter 2000 Results

For the quarter ended September 30, the Company posted a net loss of $15.0 million October 18


Some online mortgage calculators inaccurate October 15

Independent Study Shows INTERLINQ Top System Among Mortgage Lenders

Study by Wholesale Access indicates that approximately one in five lenders use MortgageWare systems October 12 Touts Profitable E-Business Model

Company states that over 25% of its visitors complete a full loan application October 10 Launches a Breakthrough Wholesale Lending Platform for Mortgage Professionals

Website provides many online functions for the mortgage broker October 10


Fannie Mae survey found that consumers will go online to obtain mortgage information, but do not feel comfortable enough to carry out the whole mortgage process on the Web October 8

Confessions of some online mortgage hunters

Survey of 500 couples by reveals more than just homebuying facts October 8

CMP's InformationWeek Magazine Names Countrywide Home Loans One of the 500 Most Innovative Users of Information Technology October 3

Digital Signatures Gain Legal Status In the U.S. as Legislation Takes Effect

Analysts say it likely will be 2 years before consumers get on board with the new technology October 2
(subscription required)

E-Signatures Bill to Go Into Effect October 1st

Press release from Tom Crocker at Alston & Bird's September 25

E-LOAN CEO to Testify on Credit Scoring

Chris Larsen testifying to House Banking Subcommittee on Financial Institutions September 21

FDIC Selects Pedestal For Live Internet Auction Of Mortgage Assets Pilot to Start October 25 to auction $12.3 million of home equity, home improvement and subprime loans on October 25 September 21

Online mortgage sites add local component offers Denver mortgage shoppers combination of local service and internet benefits September 18


A handful of "paperless" real estate transactions have closed since the President signed bill making electronic or digital signatures legally binding September 10

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